“As a Master’s Athlete at the Velodrome I first sought acupuncture for more strength and faster recovery between races. I quickly discovered that acupuncture had many more benefits not limited to the physical. I was soon sleeping better, had an inner peace, and more energy. I have been engaged in a life long battle with addiction. Tim took this into account during my treatments and actually stopped my craving for alcohol. Thanks to his insight I am now sober over one year. I am also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Tim has given me treatments that have helped me process and overcome the mental pain of those traumatic experiences. I am grateful for this opportunity to receive treatment from Tim and the staff at Synergy Wellness Center. They have allowed me to experience a whole new level of success.”


“I’ve been coming to Synergy Wellness Center for a couple years now for my general well-being and have loved it. And then when I ended up with a “frozen shoulder” after an accident and couldn’t even move my arm above my waist, I knew Jason was the perfect person to help me. He is so attentive, supportive, and thorough with his treatments. Each session would start with detailed check-in about how I was feeling, any new issues, any lifestyle changes, any eating changes, etc. From there I would receive a great healing treatment – and afterwards I could notice a big improvement. The pain with my shoulder went away in a third of the amount of time that my physical therapist said it would take and I already have virtually all of my range of motion back. Jason has an incredible depth of knowledge about how the body systems all work and are related, and he’s constantly doing research on any new issues that come up. I normally don’t gush about any of my practitioners, but I have to say that Jason & the whole Synergy Wellness team are absolutely amazing!”


“In February I was referred to Synergy to help me with some severe neck pain from a hiking accident I had 2 years ago. It just takes a split second for an accident to happen and it’s amazing how we take for granted that we’ll always bounce back. I’d had physical therapy and still, the pain was always there. I just got tired of not feeling good and always having pain.  I must admit I’d had some trepidation about acupuncture (needles scare me). I cannot say enough about how much she has helped me. The pain is just about gone now and I feel back to where I was before my fall. I love it that I don’t have to take a pill to stop the pain. Acupuncture is wonderful. It just heals the body naturally. Tiffany has also helped me with my dietary issues. I’ve been gluten-free for about 3 months now and I feel amazing. The bloated feeling I had is gone, I have more energy and I sleep better. My body feels clearer mentally and physically. It is through my experience with Tiffany and Synergy Wellness that I can attest that I’m a true believer in acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  Thank you, Tiffany! You have a gift…”


“What an incredible healer you are! My back is not perfect, but it is 85% better (after one treatment)! It would usually take 3 visits to the chiropractor to get to this point. You do amazing work – THANKS!”


“As an avid cyclist, my consistent knee pain was putting a real damper on my riding. After only one appointment I saw immediate improvement and within three visits my knee pain was gone entirely! Tiffany’s careful review and analysis combined with her warm and caring approach is truly a winning formula that produces results!”


“I can scarcely believe it but my headache was gone by this morning. That is after three weeks of coping with it. I am such an acupuncture groupie! It seems that I get better results from your efforts than any Western medicine treatments. Thank you so very much. I am extremely relieved.”


“I’ve been seeing Tiffany since 2007. Since that time, she has helped me with numerous issues. Tiffany is such an intuitive and warm practitioner. She was able to pinpoint my body issues on my first visit that my own doctor had diagnosed. Synergy has helped me so much with digestion, back issues, and my ongoing thumb pain. Tiffany has also been such a huge resource and help since I was diagnosed with food allergies. She promptly answered all my questions and always had such great nutritional ideas. I’m impressed with how Tiffany keeps herself so up-to-date with professional workshops throughout the year. She is always learning! She teaches others at Bastyr, and she works to keep herself healthy emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Her recent addition of essential oils has been wonderful. I have seen results with weight loss, stress reduction, and digestion. Everyone, including my mom, who I have referred to Tiffany has had wonderful results. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”


“I’m always amazed at how in-depth an acupuncture session can be at Synergy. They are able to soundly address and illuminate points of healing that extend beyond what we’re working on in the physical body. With humor and intelligence, the practitioners engage and affect the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. I feel fortunate to receive such multi-dimensional healing!”


“I’ve been in Synergy’s care for therapeutic massage and acupuncture. Their practitioners are masters in their art. Attention and thoughtfulness are always an inspiration and a relief.”


“A few months ago I made the decision to visit Synergy Wellness Center because my upper back, neck and shoulders gave me so much pain that I couldn’t sleep or work effectively. I made the appointment with some trepidation, as I had had a terrible experience with an acupuncturist in Southern California several years ago. However, I was tired of popping pain pills endlessly, and the pain pills no longer gave me any relief.”


“I cannot say enough good things about Tiffany. She has helped me and my family through so many trials and tribulations throughout the past 4 years. She has helped us overcome pain, depression and much more. The most joyous of these things was overcoming my inability to conceive and because of Tiffany my husband and I are expecting a baby boy! I will say what I have told others – I trust her with my life! Now that says A LOT! Thank you Tiffany for everything!”


“Tiffany’s warm and caring spirit shines through in her acupuncture/massage therapy. I first went to her after I became pregnant and she helped me with many different issues that arose due to the pregnancy, including severe swelling. I especially appreciated her thoroughness and willingness to research issues I had that were unusual and to help me to feel better in all aspects of my pregnancy and post-pregnancy (including milk production issues). Thanks for all your treatments, Tiffany!”


“What do you get when you cross a 51-year-old golfer (with a 20-year-old L4/L5 laminectomy/fusion) with a gifted acupuncturist/massage practitioner? RELIEF from years of chronic pain and discomfort, more yardage, and a few strokes off my golf game! I feel renewed! P.S. Yesterday I shot the lowest round of golf in the last 30 years! My rotation has improved so much that I am now “following through” on my swing (completing it vs. punching at the ball) and hitting the ball with much more power and accuracy. I’m so pleased I could cry. I’ve also noticed I am walking very “tall.” No wonder…I measured myself and I’m an inch taller following treatments…bet you never heard that one before. I creamed the guy I was playing golf with and he asked me what changed. I told him I’d been Synergized.”


“Hello, I just want to say to all of you considering Synergy Wellness Center that for me it has been a life changing experience. When I first arrived I was at rock bottom, having just survived one of my all time worst bouts of bi-weekly suicidal depression. I had been diagnosed by my many psychiatrists and Medical Doctors to have: Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, a Personality Disorder, Clinical Depression, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and to be basically a neurotic mess before both menstruation and ovulation. I had tried seven different anti-depressants as well as a myriad of hormone-based pills to try to bring my condition under control, none of which worked. I had even consulted with two different Doctors to have a hysterectomy. During my first visit at Synergy, we discussed my diet and all my problems. The acupuncture was really powerful. I felt instantly a little better; I also felt supported. I left with a plan for improved health and received weekly emails asking how I was. With each visit, I felt better and am now in my second month without depression. I am off anti-depressants, off gluten, and my energy level is slowly increasing. I feel as if my health is returning and I have control over my life again. I no longer have to deal with nasty drug side effects or indigestion from my gluten intolerance, which was also affecting my mood. Synergy also addressed my mental state by suggesting the work of Byron Katie, which has also been very powerful for me. I can’t say enough how pleased I am to have my life back, and how grateful I am to Synergy Wellness.”


“From deep inside our hearts, we say “Tiffany is an amazing healer.” She is so much more than an acupuncturist addressing the mind and body in unison. This really solves even the toughest conditions of our lives. She has a warm touch in her words and we always feel very relaxed and confident after each visit. We approached her to address some fertility-related issues and her guidance was very mature and apt. She knows acupuncture so well, and she knows the pulse of her patients and how to help them achieve the best results. Her suggestions were very timely and effective. Kudos to the way she approaches her patients and how tactful she is in solving their problems. I would give her a 10 out of 10 and strongly recommend you visit her as soon as you are able!”

– Kris ‘n’ Rada

“I tried the group acupuncture room for the first time with a close girlfriend. We went in together, 15 minutes apart. She went in for a sinus infection and me for some more chronic issues. My friend was delighted her sinuses cleared up quickly. I have been back since and look forward to returning next time with a new friend. I did not have a lot of expectations going in and was happily surprised to find such a wonderful place and that I could afford. I have had a lot of acupuncture in the past and found Tiffany’s approach intuitive, thorough, compassionate and creatively responsive to my needs. It is really a place you can relax and be in the healing.”


“Synergy Wellness Center has always provided top notch health care for my family and I. During a recent acupuncture session, one of the Synergy acupuncturists suggested that I try their dietary cleansing program. The program was affordable and it was easy to follow. They were super supportive and had great suggestions to help me through my 3 weeks of detoxing. After successfully finishing the program, I now have more energy, no sugar cravings, and less digestion problems. I also have no late afternoon fatigue, which had resulted in too much caffeine and sugar. Although weight loss was not the goal of the program, I did lose 10 pounds. This experience has been so valuable to me. I highly recommend the Detox Jumpstart program and of course the practitioners at Synergy Wellness.”


“I’m so pleased to have connected with you as I continue to expand my capacity for enjoying life. I’ve always been afraid to explore the benefits of acupuncture because I’m afraid of needles; I don’t like getting shots. Your gentle approach has led me to feel safe and receive the benefits of acupuncture treatments. As I strive to find new ways for enjoying life more fully, it is easy to fall into old ways. I want to thank you for the comfort and guidance you’ve shared to help me along. It is a very pleasurable experience to be addressed via sound, scent, touch, and even NEEDLE! I know the infusion of these new experiences, your wisdom and compassion, will assist me in creating a new way to process uncomfortable encounters. What a gift you have to offer, and I’m pleased to accept.”


“I am learning so much about myself by participating in the Release Weight Naturally program. Much of my life has been I’m either on a diet to control my binges or I’m not on a diet and eating compulsively. With this program I am not on a diet and am enjoying healthy foods that support my body. The supplements, acupuncture treatments, and other support have made all the difference in changing my either/or thinking into both/and. I’m actually starting to believe I can reach my goal weight and stay there!”


“Jason’s treatment and support have helped me enormously with my chronic condition and has definitely lessened its impact on my pregnancy. Not only have his treatments been very effective, he’s gone above and beyond to make sure that my health is optimal, using his own time and energy to pick up a formula for me. I know that I and my baby wouldn’t be as healthy without his help, knowledge, and attention.”


“I was referred to Synergy Wellness, for assistance with anxiety and depression. I had never tried acupuncture before and really had no idea if it would help. After just a couple of sessions, I could tell a major improvement in my mood and attitude. I have been going to Synergy Wellness for about three months now and I have experienced some very significant, positive changes in my overall well-being. I went in expecting to receive an acupuncture treatment and be sent on my way. I had no way of knowing that I would be left with a renewed sense of self and a level of serenity that I had never experienced before. Thank you so much Synergy for everything you have given me! ”