Nejat Kesler DAOM, EAMP, L.AC.

Nejat Kesler initiated his journey in healing arts with comparative studies of the Eastern and Western Wisdom Traditions over 25 years ago. For many years he received and taught great teachings of ancient philosophy. During those years he was introduced to the healing and internal martial arts of the East. This path led him to the amazing world of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He started his initial training in Florida. He received his Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in Fort Lauderdale. Upon graduation, he decided to continue his education with a doctoral degree. He moved to Seattle to attend Bastyr University. He earned his Doctoral degree with a specialty in Integrative Oncology and Advanced Pain Management. He also studied at Sichuan Combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine Hospital, Long Hua Hospital and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a result of intensive training in China, he received Certification in Traditional Chinese Medicine Oncology.

Nejat also followed a non-academic path and trained with many great teachers of the tradition:
Master Zhongxian Wu, Master Zhang Jie, Jeff Nagel, Sifu Ron Hoffman, and Grandmaster Share K. Lew. This helped him to refine and deepen his understanding of the formal medical teachings. He believes that optimal health can only be achieved with a combination of mindful practices (yoga, meditation, qi gong) and a healthy lifestyle. When this is not the case, misalignments (disease) can be corrected with acupuncture and herbal medicine only to be maintained by daily healthy habits, self-awareness built by mindful exercises, wholefood nutrition, well-balanced fitness activity and supplementation according to personal needs. Among all, he emphasizes that meditation and other mindful practices are the most important and without them, achieving optimal health is impossible. As it is taught in most Taoist schools of thought, meditation is the highest and purest medicine.
Practicing these old modalities of healing today requires the valuable input and innovations of modern science as well. Nejat invests part of his time reading the latest research papers and follow new medical technologies to understand the best options and possibilities for his patients.

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