Group Acupuncture

Group style acupuncture in our Evolutionary Acupuncture Room (EAR) is an incredible way to experience the profound effects of this medicine at a fraction of the cost – $45.00 for a new patient visit and $35.00 for return visits (cash or check).  Regular priced acupuncture treatments range from $77.00 to $125.00 per treatment, so that is a savings of $47-80!  Schedule a visit today!

A few things to note…

EAR is cash or check only. Please wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing. We will need to be able to get to your lower legs and arms. Be prepared to experience a deeply relaxing and healing 45-60 minutes… So turn your cell phone off and let your mind be at ease. Know that we are totally thrilled to bring this amazing medicine to you and your healing journey, and we look forward to seeing you here!

“I started going to Synergy Wellness Center when I experienced tremendous neck and shoulder pain. The pain was so extreme that I was wearing a neck brace. After numerous appointments at the chiropractor and feeling no different I sought out Synergy’s Group Acupuncture Room. I knew I wasn’t able to afford a series of treatments in a private room so I was thankful that Synergy Wellness Center provided this as an option. I have had treatments before in one of their private rooms so I was afraid that I wasn’t going to have the same experience in the group room but I quickly changed my mind after my first treatment. The care I received in the group room was exceptional. I felt extremely comfortable and relaxed. Over time, I have had treatments from all the Synergy acupuncturists in the EAR and each one has listened to my needs and has come up with a treatment plan to help alleviate any pain that I was experiencing. Thank you for offering this affordable way to get treatments!”