Financial Policy

How Many Treatments are Needed?

In this system of medicine each treatment builds on the previous one. As with all endeavors that are worthwhile, consistency has the potential to produce profound results. You will see the most significant and optimal shifts achieved when following the suggested treatment plan. Your Practitioner will go over this plan with you after they have done a very thorough evaluation of both your symptoms and your goals. Of course, frequency and duration of treatment is always your choice… we simply make suggestions that will give you the best possible results!
You should begin to see positive changes within the first few treatments. Most conditions require 10-20 sessions, although some respond in as few as 4-6 visits. Other situations may need a longer series depending upon the chronic nature of the complaint or condition.

Each person and their situation are different and this is always taken into consideration. What we don’t do is offer a “cookie cutter” approach. Quite frankly, our goal is to get you where you want to be in the least amount of time.

If you find that our methods of healing and treatment work well for you then you may decide to come back for “tune-ups” or wellness visits on an infrequent schedule, such as once per month or once per season. Proactivity with our health most often equals prevention. And prevention is the most powerful saver of time, money and energy!

Our Fee Structure

We are currently updating the fee structure.