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Discover the New You !!!

Do you, right now, feel at home and at ease in your own skin? Relatively free of aches and pains and digestive issues. Clear headed, energized yet relaxed, and at a weight that feels like it’s where your soul is most comfortable?

If the answer is “yes,” feel free to stop reading now. If the answer is “no” then read on to find out more about an empowering way to work with yourself in order to Discover and create this version of You.

Would you like to make sure your body is receiving, processing, and transmitting the best information possible to obtain optimal health? I think an even simpler question is: Would you like to look and feel fantastic… like the You you know is in there?

The purpose of the Discovery Detox is to give your body a HUGE breath of fresh air. A chance to clear the body of foods and chemicals that may be causing or aggravating unwanted health issues and symptoms; this includes excess weight that’s stubborn in releasing. An empowering process that will help you identify any hidden food sensitivities or allergies, and improve the body’s natural detoxification processes. This equals balanced weight, balanced energy, balanced flow of mood, slowing of degeneration, healthy inflammatory response (huge decrease in pain), and awesome digestion.

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The Discovery Detox is the gold standard for identifying food sensitivities and is widely used in the medical community. Most people know of this diet as “the elimination and challenge diet.” This dynamic ‘virtual’ food experiment allows certain foods that often cause sensitivity and ‘overload’ reactions to fall away for a 3-week period. This is followed by a “challenge period” during which you add these foods back in to see and feel exactly how they affect you.

If you have any of these symptoms or conditions below we highly recommend the Discovery Detox:

• asthma and allergies
• autoimmune disorders
• skin conditions
• arthritis
• atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol
• neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia
• brain fog and forgetfulness
• mood disorders
• narcolepsy
• addiction
• migraines
• kidney problems
• unexplained weight gain and difficulty losing weight
• chronic fatigue
• constipation, gas and diarrhea
• Weight issues (excess, under, and/or weight resistant to dietary changes)

With more and more research this list continues to grow. Most of the common conditions that cause suffering for SO many are directly correlated to either gut dysfunction or food sensitivities. It’s incredibly, incredibly, INCREDIBLY empowering to discover that your health, your capacity to feel excellent is in your hands… literally through what your hands bring to your mouth!

If you or anyone you know feels like their GI system is working sub-optimally, you should at least consider trying this dietary approach. Honestly, there are many ways to treat GI related health conditions.  But the first, easiest, and most effective place to start is by eliminating or removing foods that might be causing a problem.


The purpose of the Discovery Detox is to literally lighten your load and achieve real, measurable improvements in your health.

• Identify food sensitivities causing inflammation
• more energy and clarity of mind
• weight release if needed
• clearer skin, brighter eyes
• higher libido and zest for life
• more confidence in your body’s natural healing capacity
• less stress, both physical and mental
• better mood, more positive outlook
• empowerment from taking charge of your health

Our focus for this diet is on adding more whole, fresh foods in and avoiding foods that tend to be allergenic, processed, and nutrient-poor.

Whole, fresh, real foods:

• give us the greatest amount of nutrition per calorie
• help us to let go of excess weight
• prevent illness and disease AND help us recover from them
• strengthen our nervous system and help us to de-stress
• help us to detoxify gently and effectively
• support healthy hormonal balance and strengthen our immune systems

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• The Discovery Detox is virtual… you can do it from anywhere, and you don’t have to be on the calls. You will get the recordings and can listen at your convince.
• It is extremely well guided; designed so you succeed
• Lead by two trained professionals, Beebe Dericks MSAOM, LAc, ND and Tiffany Carole Pollard LAc, whose area of expertise is specifically in the area of food and optimal health
• You will have super helpful ‘community support’ virtually through a closed forum online
• Educational and Q&A calls together weekly (recorded in case you can’t make it live)
• Fabulous e-book with shopping guide, recipes and everything else you need to make this happen with maximum ease
• An unbeatable price!
Begins May 30th and ends June 17th (with a Prep for Success conference call May 27th). All calls 5:30 to 6:30 PST


If we were to total up the value of each aspect of the Program we’d be looking at over $400.00.

Because we are offering special rates for the program because we sincerely believe that all people deserve access to this life-giving program… The entire 3 weeks with full support for only $98.00 OR only 59.00 if you register with a friend.

We can authentically ‘say’ that this is a fantastic deal.

Regularly a guided Discovery Detox with Tiffany Carole Pollard or Beebe Dericks is $440.00
The e-book is $39.00
That’s $479.00

We’re offering a “buddy discount” because we are deeply committed to your health! Sharing the experience of this program with loved ones and close friends will amplify the healing potential for all and your ability to be successful. People tend have a better time with the Discovery Detox if they do it with a ‘buddy.’ And it helps us spread the word if you tell a friend, so if you register with a ‘buddy’ you pay $59.00 per person!

REGISTER NOW and select “Buddy Option” then have your buddy do the same.

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We so look forward to walking this Discovery Detox path with you!!


Tiffany and Beebe

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