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Proud to announce that our new Fertility Support Program is coming soon!

New Habit Support



The New Year marks a time of reflection and discernment. A time when we think about what we’ve done (or haven’t done) and what we’d like to move forward with. It’s common to make resolutions, especially about ceasing harmful habits… like quitting smoking, getting off refined sugar, taking a break (or stopping) alcohol, just to name a few. But without proper support, we often set ourselves up for not being able to follow through on well-intentioned goals.
GET POWERFUL SUPPORT WITH ACUPUNCTURE targeted to help you release, quit, LEAVE BEHIND harmful habits!

These treatments are approximately 45 minutes and they take place in the Group Acupuncture Room at Synergy which allows us to offer this incredible discount: 1 month super-support of two sessions per week for only 199.00. This is only $25.00 per session (normal acu sessions are $85.00), the greatest discount we have ever offered. This special is for registrants in the month of JANUARY ONLY. The first 10 people to register also get a gift to help support you on your new path.


If you are interested at all, please listen to this short audio where Phil, your trusted New Habit guide shares a bit about how this program can help you.


  • Register anytime through March, although the $199.99 discounted rate ends Jan. 31st. ($60.00 off). Feb. 1st the rate is $259.00.


  • If you are one of the first 10 people to register you also get a free copy of The Big Leap book by Gay Hendricks. An incredible ally to support your bold step into your new life.


  • Once you register you can begin your One Month of support. Your month includes 2 targeted sessions per week. One month after your first session, your package expires.


  • Sessions can be booked Mondays and Fridays from 8:00 to 12:30 pm. They last approximately 45 minutes, with the first session lasting an hour.


  • You will leave your sessions feeling relaxed and awake. Ready to handle the world and with new energetic coping strategies ‘installed’ in your body to help you stick with your changes rather than collapsing into old coping strategies that are harmful to you (or perhaps down-right killing you!).


  • If you are wanting to release weight and allow your body to detoxify, consider adding the RESET * RENEW * REJOICE Virtual Detox and get a FREE bottle of probiotics. This is a powerful combo.

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