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Ava-tillo Salsa

This sassy salsa is a treat for your belly and your eyes! With a variety of fresh, delicious veggies it is quite a colorful delight! In the upcoming video clip, Tiffany shares with you some time-saving tips on how to chop the veggies and offers you her unique perspective on the healing benefits and energetic […]

Salmon Croquettes

It’s no secret, wild salmon is oh-so good for us because it deeply nourishes our bodies. In this super easy recipe you learn how to savor salmon in a new dish! A gluten free version of one of my favorite dishes that my mom used to make when I was a kid. I love making […]

Olive Oil Poached Salmon

Poaching salmon is one of the easiest (and quickest!) ways to prepare salmon. Using this method helps the salmon retain all of its moisture. Learn how to make this recipe so you can benefit from the amazingly nutrient dense salmon. Wild salmon is truly a “super food!” It is loaded with goodness, low in calories […]

Honey Miso Steamed Salmon

Wait until you see this dish! In this lesson you’ll learn how to steam salmon and the tricks to keeping it smooth, tender, and moist. I can’t wait for you to try it! The honey adds depth to the sweetness of the fish. The flavor is velvety sweet and a little savory. Delicious and SO […]

Berrylicious “Crobbler”

Ever heard of a crobbler before? Probably not! This dessert is truly a “Tiffany original.” Inspired by the Northwest’s luscious berries, a crobbler is a cross between a crisp and a cobbler, making for one scrumptious dessert! The antioxidants that you’ll receive from a serving of this will give your body a lovely health kick. Enjoy! […]

Southwest Salad

A salad’s a salad, right? Wrong! There are many secrets to turn a mundane salad into a festive delight! In this lesson you’ll learn how to make a vibrant southwest salad that is wonderful as is, or can be dressed up with other creative options. Preparation time: 10 minutes | Cook time: 20 to 30 […]